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- Which services does MSM techtrans offer?
MSM techtrans specialises in translation of technical manuals and documents, but also has significant experience with more general texts.
- Why should I have my documents translated?
If, for example, you have a product you want to bring to market and to reach the largest possible client base, translation is the only option. Making your product accessible to an international audience will open up the market for you and dramatically increase your potential client base.
If you are an importer of machine tools or technical plants, the instruction manual must be in a language the operator understands. This is particularly important for safety instructions. Essentially, there are as many reasons for wanting your text translated, as there are types of text.
Communication between people is the bottom line. Errors in communication can have a significant knock-on effect in terms of your business.
- Why technical translations?
In order to translate highly technical texts, one needs specialist knowledge in that particular field. For example, if you need a legal text translated, a lawyer with a translation degree would be the ideal choice, as would a civil engineer with a translation degree for a demanding technical text in the construction field. Unfortunately, one rarely finds such combinations of professions when you need them most.
Consequently, experienced technical translators provide an optimal alternative.Many of them are experts within various technical fields and are highly talented linguists: put simply, they are multi-talented individuals.
- Which languages does MSM techtrans translate to and from?
MSM techtrans translates the following language combinations:
- English-Norwegian
- Danish-Norwegian
- What types of document does MSM techtrans translate?
MSM has many years of experience translating manuals, user guides, brochures, catalogues, press releases, personal documents and film-subtitles…in other words: anything you need!
- In which technical fields does MSM Techtrans work?
MSM’s owner, Monica Spord Molstad, is a trained technical translator, specialising in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, and is also experienced in the following fields of technical translations:
- Software
- Hardware
- Automotive industry
- Hydroelectric machinery
- Naturopathy
- Sports
- Medical engineering
- Psychology
- How much does a translation cost?
When working out the price, the starting point is normally the number of words (word count), lines, or an agreed, fixed price.The price also depends on other factors, including the deadline for delivery, the format of the source text, use of computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, etc. Consequently, it is not possible to give a set price for all translations.
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Today’s technological advances require thoroughly considered translations



We live in a world in which developments take place at an almost inconceivable pace.
Because both languages and technical fields are in constant flux, it is also crucial that we stay up-to-date in terms of these, and the technical texts with which we work.In this way we will always be able to supply our clients with innovative and well-considered translations.


Let MSM techtrans take care of your translation needs while you take care of business!


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