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Mission statement


All languages are alive:
In other words, languages are constantly changing and developing. The same holds true for all the different technical fields. Keeping updated is a job in itself!
A translator with respect for himself/herself, the client, and the unique nature of each translation, understands the need to limit oneself in terms of which languages to translate from/to and technical fields to operate in.
You will, inevitably, find suppliers of cheap language services who offer “all languages; all technical fields”. If you’re lucky – things will turn out fine. But there’s often a price to pay in terms of quality. Solutions that appear too cheap to be true are normally just that – no solution. Translations that appear reasonably-priced at first glance often work out to be more expensive if they have to be revised as part of a second quality-assurance process, or – in worst-case scenarios – be completely retranslated.
If, for example, you have a product you want to market in another language, it is crucial that the language reflects the quality of your product — if you are to have any chance of convincing the customer to buy it.
Research shows that we willingly accept a spelling mistake or two. However, once we encounter more than a small number of errors, and if the language doesn’t flow well – this can rapidly become an irritant. Consequently, we start to doubt the content of the text, and ultimately lose interest in it completely.
This is a poor strategy for promoting your business, and in extreme situations such texts can have a counter-productive impact on your marketing activities.
With MSM techtrans, your documents are in the safest possible hands!
While you take care of business, MSM techtrans will do the rest!
MSM techtrans also has access to a solid network of professional colleagues. In collaboration with professional colleagues we will deliver a solution we guarantee will satisfy you.
A translation has to go through several stages before it can be considered final.
MSM techtrans applies the following standard to its translation work:
-  Review of the source text
-  Raw translation. Any issues that have to be cleared up en route?
-  Possible consultation with the client. In-house technical terms?
-  Comparison of the source text against the target text. Has everything been translated – no items omitted?
-  Review of the target text. Does the language flow well? Is it easily readable?
-  Final review – with the greatest possible interval from the previous step.
Close cooperation between translator and client, with constructive feedback in both directions, is key. This may involve checking of in-house terminology and technical terms, special product types as well as other issues.
We know from experience that good communication produces the best results.

Today’s technological advances require thoroughly considered translations



We live in a world in which developments take place at an almost inconceivable pace.
Because both languages and technical fields are in constant flux, it is also crucial that we stay up-to-date in terms of these, and the technical texts with which we work.In this way we will always be able to supply our clients with innovative and well-considered translations.


Let MSM techtrans take care of your translation needs while you take care of business!


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